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What is Leadership Network?

  • Leadership Network
    Since 1984, Leadership Network has fostered church innovation and growth through strategies, programs, tools and resources that are consistent with our far-reaching mission: to identify, connect and help high-capacity Christian leaders multiply their impact.

    It is our hope that our investment in high capacity, innovative leaders will result in the distribution of information and ideas to others. Many of the churches participating in our Leadership Communities will become teachers themselves, sharing what they have learned to a broader and larger audience.

What are Leader Groups?

  • Leader Groups | Leadership Network
    Historically, Leadership Network has consistently sought out thought leaders who blaze the trail for new approaches to ministry. Innovative leadership is one of the elements essential to the health, growth and multiplication of faith communities in North America and the globe. Leader Groups are unique among our Leadership Network offerings. Each Leader Group consists of a relational peer network of pastors who share similar ministry challenges and who desire connections to others serving in similar ministry career stages.

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